Safe Anti Snoring Devices for Children

Snoring is a common problem among adults, especially those who are working a lot and engaging with alcohol, smoking, sleeping pills, and other kinds of sedatives. Fortunately, the anti-snoring devices for adults are widely available, and it takes little time to find the perfect device for each person. What about anti-snoring devices for snoring children?

Although snoring among children can be less common than in adults, it is still possible and it can happen to any child. Frequent waking up from snoring can affect the child’s physical and emotional health if not treated immediately. There are several causes of snoring in the case of children, and it would be mindful to know all of these for preparation and prevention.

Causes of Snoring among Children

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This is a sleeping disorder that makes a person stop breathing while sleeping. It can be very dangerous if not treated immediately.
  • The season can affect the substances that come near the children’s faces, and some of these substances can induce allergic reactions. The allergies may constrict the nasal airways.
  • Nasal and Sinus Problems. Aside from allergies, other nasal problems and complications in the sinus can also obstruct air passageways around the nose area.
  • Obesity or Excess Weight. The excess fact can make the respiratory organs more constricted, and can prevent air to pass through with its usual ways.
  • Big Body Build. A child who has a bigger build than the average one can have problems with airways, too. This happens usually to males because of the natural male body build.
  • Awkward Sleeping Position. A child sleeping on his or her back, or on any other awkward sleeping position for that matter, can have his or her breathing affected resulting to snoring.

In case of snoring, children should be checked by a specialist to help identify the root cause. In case the parents want to opt for anti-snoring devices, there are certain ones that children can readily use. However, parents should carefully follow the instructions for each type of device and, also guide their children in using the anti-snoring devices themselves.

Safe Anti-snoring Devices


  • Mouth guards and mouthpieces. At first impressions, mouth guards and mouthpieces look like they are only for adults, but that is not so. Mouth guards and mouthpieces are made usually with safe materials and custom fitting procedures to ensure that the device will perfectly fit the individual. As long as the child’s device perfectly fits him or her, there will be no question about the safety.
  • Chin straps. This type of device is applied externally, so there is no problem with choking. Again, the chin strap should be of a perfect fit so that issues of malfunction are prevented.
  • Nasal strips. In comparison to nasal dilators, nasal strips are safer because they are placed externally on the nose bridge and near the nostrils. The strips are bandages that help improve nasal air passageways to be less constricted.
  • Anti-snore sprays. These are sprayed onto the throat so that there will be no intrusive device to be put inside the mouth or nose. It may take a little more time to take effect, but the dangers of choking and discomfort are prevented completely.
  • Anti-snore pillows. These are specialized pillows that only regulate the sleeping position of the sleeping child. These pillows are manufactured to prevent snoring, and to be free from inducing allergies or other discomforts.
  • Earplugs for snoring. This can be used by the child so that in case of his or her snoring, he or she will not wake up from the noise. However, this is only for support and does not stop the snoring altogether.