Pure Sleep Review: How It Helped My Son

I have been a wife for 17 years, and a mother of two boys—a 16-year old and a 10-year old.  Our family is originally from Tampa, but my husband was offered a nice job at Denver so we moved together for it. The job offer was really nice, and the family needed a bigger budget to live on, so we all agreed to move for it. My husband and I raised our children to be good kids, but sometimes we get worried when the kids get random friends that we did not know too much. When we were in Tampa, we made sure that we knew our kids’ friends, Technically, we almost knew everyone in our area, and almost all of their friends were from the same area so we did not have any problems. But when we moved to Denver, we had to make a new start, particularly with our neighbors and the kids’ friends.

My eldest was 15 when we moved there, so he was already at the age when teenagers usually rebel of some sort, although I know that my son is a good kid. I always check his clothes if it smelled of cigarettes, booze, or anything that could be related to bad habits or friends, but I never found anything. He always told me and my husband where he went, and what time he was going home, and he never failed to do so. He was never late in coming home, until about two months after we moved.


That day, he said he would be at home by six o’clock, but it was already about half past seven when we opened the front door for him. He came inside looking so tired, said hi to us, and went straight to his bedroom. My shock immediately shifted to worry, then to suspicion. I never saw my son do that his whole life, so I was suspecting he was doing something we did not know about. Quietly but quickly, I went to his bedroom door, and saw that it was open. I could hear my son snoring within three feet—it was the first time I heard him snore. I was very shocked while my suspicions grew more than ever.

The next morning, he did not say a word about it, and he ate his breakfast and talked to us like nothing happened the night before. After that, he always came home late thrice or four times a week. Every time, he went straight to his bedroom, and snored loudly while he slept. My husband thought our son was just growing up, and that he did not need to tell us where he goes every time he does. I was thinking otherwise. The thought of him getting influenced by bad schoolmates or strangers were hitting my head all day long. I couldn’t handle it if ever my son got arrested or sick from drugs or something, so I ended up confronting my son at last.

One morning, when my son was again eating breakfast with us like there was no tiredness the night before, I asked about it. I asked him where he went, what was he doing, and was he out with some friends. At first, he did not want to look me in the eye, and he didn’t say anything at all. But then he saw that I was already suspecting him of something else, so he told us the truth. My husband and I were relieved when we learned that he looked for a part-time job in a music shop, and that he was doing it so he wouldn’t ask for extra money when he needed to buy things for school. He also told me that the music shop’s owner was his friend’s dad, so the friend suggested the offer.

cannot-sleep-from-noiseMy husband and I thought that it was okay to have a part-time job, as long as he can get his health and grades in check. Then, I remembered that my son snores loudly whenever he was tired. I told my son about it, and he said he wasn’t going to sacrifice the job for the snoring. My husband suggested that he should just use a mouth guard to stop the snoring, so we immediately looked for one on the Internet. We found a site that reviewed different brands of mouth guards, one of the Pure Sleep review inspected how it work and eventually bought a Pure Sleep mouth guard, because it was cheap and it had good reviews. On the first night of use, my son stopped the snoring altogether. We even let our son work until about nine o’clock whenever he felt like it, but he never snored anymore. We still always check if our son could really handle his studies while working, but it seems that he already checks himself before we do.

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